Sunday, March 11, 2012

It is Written Television program on Depression: "Depression and It's Cures"

"Depression and It's Cures" 
(excerpt below)
NN: Well, the most common treatment is medication. More than $20 billion is spent
in this country on medicines alone. And many of these medicines are expensive.
There are all sorts of antidepressants out there, and they’re flying off shelves. But
they’re not a cure-all. They’re not the fix.
JB: Is it true that antidepressants are the largest selling classification of drugs?
NN: Correct.
JB: Is it helping?
NN: Well, it helps 20 percent of people to the point where they’re no longer
JB: Two out of 10 depressed people take medication and essentially get over the
NN: Correct.
JB: Two out of 10. But with eight out of 10, not so much.
NN: Eight out 10, right. In fact, three out of 10 won’t experience even a slight
improvement with the drugs. Even with a combination—if you give them four
antidepressants and raise the dose—they’re still not going to respond. So three out of
10 will have zero response to medication. And then what’s left in the middle are
those who get a slight-to-moderate response, but are still clinically depressed and
still suffering from it.
JB: Half of the people taking medication for depression are still depressed even
though they’re taking the medication.
NN: Exactly.
JB: Now I’m thinking of the cynic who says, “Oh, come on.” But this is statistically
NN: Oh, absolutely. In fact, if anything, I’m stating things more in favor of the
pharmaceuticals than the statistics are actually showing. So I’m quoting drug
company data.
JB: You got this data from what the drug companies say.
NN: Yes.

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