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It is Written Television program on Depression: "Depression and It's Causes"

It is Written: Scritpt of "Depression and It's Causes" (exerpt below)
JB: Okay, well, what causes it? What are these underlying causes?
NN: Well, there are 10 categories of causes that we uncovered in our research. And
there are actually over 100 separate identifiable causes for depression, but they can
be categorized in 10 different ways. You have to have four of those categories of
causes before you end up with depression or anxiety disorder.
One of them is frontal lobe causes. That’s the one we deal with first. The frontal lobe
of the brain is the front portion of the brain. It’s the analytical portion of the brain.
Scientific studies show it’s the seat of spirituality, morality and the will. It’s the
reason why we are spiritual beings. Human beings worship because our frontal lobe
size is so much greater than cats and dogs. You don’t see them in worship services,
because they can’t identify with it.
But the frontal lobe circulation, when it goes down, is a major setup for depression or
anxiety disorders, and there’s a lot of different things that can fit under the
categories of what can suppress or enhance frontal lobe function.
JB: Such as? What are some things that suppress frontal lobe function?
NN: Rapid-moving video games. Fast-moving entertainment on television. They
suppress the frontal lobe of the brain.
JB: And most people are feasting on that every day.
NN: Right. Certain types of music. Syncopated rock-and-roll music can actually
suppress the frontal lobe of the brain.
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JB: Something else that much of the population is into.
NN: You know, the interesting thing about this, John, is a lot of the things I
mentioned that detract from frontal lobe function, people do as a way to achieve
This is the ironic thing: there are more fun things to do than ever before in human
history, yet we have more depression than ever before in human history. If these fun
things actually prevented or cured depression, then we should see the lowest rates of
depression on the planet.
These rapid-moving video games can actually suppress the frontal lobe of the brain.
A lot of this screen time does suppress frontal lobe function.
And when we’re not really exercising the spiritual part of our brain, when we’re not
involved in worship, when we’re not involved in spiritual analysis or reading—like
the Bible, and analyzing scripture with scripture—that’s going to be a hit as well. It’s
not that we necessarily have to have the Bible, but we need to have some sort of
abstract analysis that can help frontal lobe function.
JB: I see.
NN: So the second area is exercise, actually, lifestyle causes. Physical exercise
actually helps the brain.
Under the lifestyle causes, there’s also sunlight. The light and the blue sky we’re
under here at Weimar actually helps depression. It improves serotonin levels in the
brain. So when we’re indoors, not experiencing outdoor light, we’re getting a hit with
Then there’s not regularly breathing fresh air. Here at Weimar we’ve got these
beautiful pine trees exuding negative ions—just breathing that in can help with
The third category is circadian rhythm. This has to do with our sleep-wake cycle and
our regularity. The more irregular we are in schedule, the more that is a blow to the
brain. The brain likes a regular regimented schedule, and the best circadian rhythm
as far as optimal performance for the brain is early to bed, early to rise.
You make more melatonin and it’s one of the reasons why almost across the board—
successful businesspeople—tend to be early-to-bed, early-to-rise people. Highly
The only exception to that is the entertainment industry, and those individuals, of
course, have much higher rates of depression, but they’re late-nighters just because
of their occupation.
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The fourth category after circadian rhythm is nutrition. What we are putting into our
body actually gets turned into neurotransmitters. The American diet is short in
omega-3, not high in tryptophan and carbohydrates to the degree to make enough
dopamine and norepinephrine and serotonin. So we do a good nutritional analysis
on our patients and change that factor.
The fifth has to do with addiction hits. If you’re addicted to any substance or nonsubstance,
be it gambling, pornography, alcohol—any addiction can actually be a
setup for depression. Not in and of itself causing it, but if you have three other causes
and that, it’s going to tide you over into rather severe depression.

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