Tuesday, January 26, 2016

the "Prozac Zombie"

Everyone in the know, knows that anti-depressants and SSRI's like Ritalin can cause suicide. Yet naive parents make their children take it, or people feel that they need to take Ritalin in order to 'focus and concentrate' on excruciatingly mind-numbing boring classes at school that has no creativity or real brain-power involved that would make the class fun and actually get the brain's interest and attention.

For some of those, who actually do experience this 'suicide side-effect' and survive, it's because they have a strong 'theory of mind' which allows them to see the outcome of suicide, and overcome this side-effect hurdle, still has yet to deal with it's tethering, blithering linger. This person is called the "Prozac Zombie". They did not die, and became a zombie in the classic sense, but actually experience the 'suicide side-effect' and survive, not trying to kill themselves, or have done it to a diminished, unsuccessful degree, or even not know that this is a side-effect they are experiencing, and do make erratic choices as a result. Such is the deceptive power of anti-depressants, they can make you happy doing stupid shit. Yes, stupidity, can be the result of actions, even of very smart individuals who happen to be or have been Prozac-zombies. What actions do I speak of? Self-effacing, self-destructive actions. If one smokes cigarettes and doesn't die from it, doesn't that mean they have no health issues? Perhaps something else, minor, at least. For example, this article from a recent study finds that anti-depressants cause lack of love interest in one's partner.

A Prozac-Zombie sees the world differently, through a "Side-Effect Narrative" which I also like to call the "False Narrative", to put more aptly, in a case, "Suicide Side-Effect Narrative". Its perceiving our reality in a way that the world is changed for them. They start to think distorted views of reality in pessimist, negative ways. As you can see in the prime example, having affected feelings of love for partner diminished, in a way, can accurately describe what is called the 'love-suicide' in which one does away with one's love and sex life. These can lead to erratic sexual decisions like masturbation and other terrible sexual choices. It may be that anti-depressants cause the Prozac-Zombies to masturbate instead of having sex with their ideal chosen partners. The Prozac causes people to favor sexual activity like masturbation and sad sex that causes dopamine versus fun, good man-female sex that causes both dopamine and oxytocin and prolactin.

The Prozac-Zombie will make bad choices, being on anti-depressants, they will be falsely happy enough in a way that they aren't aware or too keenly aware of the bad choices they make. This means things like, choosing a bad school or the wrong major, smoking instead of sportsing, hanging out with the wrong people and making bad friends. They will move about in a confusion, as if they are deceived into living the lives they didn't want to live, making decisions they don't want to make and living with them. The Prozac-Zombie will not commit suicide, but may have suicidal thoughts, if not, they will be deceived into making bad decisions that are not their own, believing them to be of their own choosing, of their own rhetoric that they have, personifying themselves with these aberrant mistakes, which is the classic "depersonalization' side-effect that people speak of when they take an anti-depressant- the loss of themselves, they feel they are a different person. They lose their personality because the anti-depressant is like a cookie-cutter sheet that cuts their personality into a new one, in order to give them that cookie-cutter smile. Really, its better if they smiled and were more happy of their own choosing rather than to be forced to smile from an anti-depressant. This coercion is forcing them do make mistakes in an involuntary manner, while all the same, tricking them into believing it is of their  own choosing and voluntary.  According to Russian philosophers, man is  a creature that likes to cause problems. It can be easily said that anti-depressants can cause patients to cause even more problems than normal. It's like they are playing a game of 'mouse trap' (in reference to the classic board game), laying out a trap for their lives. Anti-depressants is a trap, leading people who can see, as if they are blind, and yet seeing, and they stumble as if they are blind, but can see. Because of the 'false narration' that they see life in, the 'suicide narration' they are unable to plan and see ahead in life with the efficiency of optimistic promise, which is aptly described as 'doing things the hard way' thus they constantly do things the hard way to see what is a mistake, and struggle their way through things- they may, out of this 'side-effect narrative' opt to struggle through their projects, deal with mistakes, rather than finding more feasible, optimum solutions to problems and projects. And then they repeat those mistakes, like slipping on a banana peel more than often. They will  often to struggle to get what they want most and what they desire, rather than getting it through heartfelt passion that causes a doorway to open to receive their prize. This 'struggle' and "great inner conflict" caused by anti-depressants, is very deceiving, it is like a false prophet that rewrites everyone's scripts to more sinister levels of bewitchery. Their fantasies, that they conjure in their minds, will fade, they will seem unreachable. Dreamers will dream that their nightmares are their fantasies, that they will feel that their nightmares are their passions. This is strongly suggested in the case of the 'love-interest diminished' caused by anti-depressants, that one will fantasize about sexual acts that they truly dont want to do, in order to feel that this is what they can only do, because their love and passion is unreachable by pessimistic, monstrous deception. They are lied to. Prozac, is purely a lie, in pill form. It is charlatanry, post-modern charlatanry which, is actually prescribed medicine for a massive over-load of made-up disorders. Yet these post-modern charlatanry does offer some form of medical illusion, such as focus and happiness, but at yet these pose to be ruses, baits to trap people into an intricate web of side-effects whirling them into oblivion.

"By Babylon's Sorcery, The Nations are Deceived" Revelations 18:23

"put off my sad face and wear a smile"

                          ( JOB 9:27 *NKJV  )

This scripture tells us that we don't have to 'wear' depression, but that we can 'wear a smile'. It's really a choice to choose to be happy, or to choose to be depressed. Simple as it may seem, humans tend to naively believe that they have some sort of a 'chemical imbalance' and a 'disorder' that their shrinks tell them and that they have to take a pill for it, which, is deceptive. These anti-depressants are sorcery and will deceive men from 'wearing a smile'. Yes, that's right. It is a false smile, the false smile of the false prophet that one wears on an anti-depressant, because it isn't the real smile that God gives you. The false smile of deception. 
"By Babylon's Sorceries, the Nations are Deceived". Revelations 18:23