Monday, May 19, 2014

One of the many millions of side-effects of Prozac

One of the millions of Side-Effects of Prozac and other Psych-Shit-Tiarist pills are:

1. Personality: There is a saying that "Our Personalities go well with each other" or our "Personalities Clash".
The side-effects is "Personality Clashing and Switch".
What it does, it makes your Personality Clash with the people (esp girls) that you are supposed to in life, to be with, it clashes your personality with the personalities that you go well with, and instead, it switches your personality to go well with creepy, fucked-up people, the wrong crowd.

Psychiatrist Pills are PERSONALITY CLASHERS. TRASHERs. You won't be the same person. You'll do things that you didn't grow up doing- you'll do bad things, think bad things, that you didn't as a child when growing up. They won't be the fun, tempting sins.. They'll be just boring fuck-ups.

that beautiful hot blonde that you were destined in life to be with, the right looks, the right personality that goes well with yours..
well, by taking the psychiatric medicine, the side-effect is that it makes your personality clash with that beautiful blonde girls. Prozac predestines you for a shitty reality in which instead of being with the beautiful blonde girl of your life, you masturbate instead and hang out with disgusting sleazy men and turn gay instead.

Psychiatric pills make you gay against your will.

Psychiatric pills Are DEMONIC and uses DEMONOLOGY to change your life. 

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